Cigar Complexity: Here is what the pros have to say about it

One of the better qualities a premium cigar can have, particularly for more especially for experienced smokers, is a flavour profile that is mind boggling. However, what does this really mean?

“The way I see it, “intricacy” is an amalgam of flavours and smells that have a tendency to assemble or enhance inside a given cigar as you smoke it,” says David Diaz, Ph.D.

“Intricacy is the rise of layers and different mixes of flavours inside a cigar and is a peculiarity of decently matured tobacco,” he adds.

Although cigar unpredictability may sound like a clutter of flavours turning over like tickets in a pool drum, it appears to be more proper to portray the flavours as covering, or expanding upon one another.

Besides, Diaz properties the measure of multifaceted nature straightforwardly to the maturing procedure:

“As the cigars continue to mature and wed, the flavours will change and may get to be less different. This is on the grounds that the oleoresins, which convey the heft of the flavour in a cigar, will gradually dissipate.”

However this cuts both ways. The cigar may be less intricate on the grounds that some of its flavours have mellowed over time or seasonal fluctuations.

Along these lines, the more assorted the mix, and the better matured the tobacco, the better the chances of an intricately flavoured Cigar.

What the pros have to say:

Alan Rubin


“A complex cigar hits all parts of the palette and has an expansive amount of flavour. On the off chance that you can distinguish the multifaceted nature of wine or whisky, you ought to have the capacity to recognise a cigar with incredible intricacy. Alternately simply smoke an Alec Bradley.”

Nick Perdomo


“Complexity in a Perdomo cigar begins with utilising the right seeds, and the watchful steps we bring with every last plant amid its developing, drying, ageing and maturing techniques. Each venture in every procedure influences the flavour in a tobacco leaf. Through constant work and years of legitimate maturation, the fine mixes of tobaccos wed into every one of our cigars. We mature our cigars for at least 7 months in our Spanish cedar maturing rooms. The other rich flavours like mocha, dull chocolate, or gritty flavours create on the grounds that the tobacco leaves have rich sugars in their cell structure.”

Jose Blanco


“Multifaceted nature implies that there are numerous flavours wedding one another, corresponding (an alternate errand through and through). Those flavours and sentiments of “flavour” or “pepper” or “earth,” or whatever they may be, will change all through the smoke. They will get stronger amid the time they smoke and will even change attributes totally sooner or later amid that same smoke – all this is known as “intricacy.”

Suffice it to say, unpredictability keeps your brain and taste-buds working hectically all through the whole smoke of one and cigar.”

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo


“Unpredictability is not about quality. It’s more like when you’re smoking a cigar and you recognise certain subtleties about it. With

regards to quality, if you perceive cigar has gotten in quality in the centre that lets you know in that spot that the cigar is not one-dimensional.

For me, the most critical thing is the point at which you first light up and you get that inclination of unwinding in your midsection. On the other hand an alternate way I portray unpredictability is the point at which you feel the cigar all through your whole body. On the off chance that the cigar levels out in the centre and remains as such, its not going to be unpredictable. Intricacy is the point at which certain attributes keep on changing along the way.

Jonathan Drew


“It’s imperative to comprehend the distinction in the middle of ‘unpredictability and profundity’ while smoking a premium cigar. Unpredictability is the full adventure that the cigar went up against you, from the time you lit it up until the time you completed it. Profundity alludes to each one puff of the cigar – does it have layers and composition to the smoke? Basically, the distinction is the full voyage versus the individual puff.”

Charlie Torano


“A complex cigar has profundity of flavour. All aspects of your sense of taste is fulfilled. For me, it has what I call ‘thick smoke;’ the smoke is rich and full. By differentiation, a cigar that is one-dimensional abandons me needing more.

Unpredictability in a cigar is something that I’m continually searching for, both from a maker’s and a smoker’s viewpoint.”

So there you have it. Whether it is appealing to all your senses, variation in taste or simply change in how you perceive the cigar, there is a lot that can be said on the complexity and unpredictability of a quality cigar that is the best of it’s kind. In our opinion, the best way to truly enjoy the luxury of a phenomenal cigar is to sit back, relax and relish it’s one of a kind experience.



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